We have integrated Pictometry into our business operations in order to improve our assessment processes.  

Pictometry uses aerial oblique photography to provide multiple views of a property on the ground that allows the user to view the property from all sides, zoom in on the property, and take accurate measurements of distances and dimensions.


  • Technology is provided by Pictometry Canada - a leading provider of aerial oblique imagery and metric geospatial solutions. 
  • In 2010 the PVSC signed a 10-year contract to fly over parts of NS to capture and maintain the aerial oblique photography database.
  • Portions of all municipalities have been ‘flown’ to provide a Pictometry database for each municipality.
  • All municipalities have access to the Pictometry data.
  • This project was undertaken by the PVSC in conjunction with the Property Innovation Council

PVSC has received international  recognition for its work integrating Pictometry data into our iasWorld assessment technology.