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2021 property assessment information is now available.  

If the property you searched for displays an N/A in the criteria fields, it may mean information is either not available or not applicable.

Please contact us at 1-800-380-7775 if you have any questions.

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* The Taxable Assessed Value is used to calculate your property taxes (with the exception of exempt forestry property which is based on acreage) and if eligible, will reflect a Capped Assessment.

Assessed Value (last 5 years)
Year Assessed Value Taxable Assessed Value
2021 $65,500 $65,500
2020 $64,100 $64,100
2019 $63,100 $63,100
2018 $62,700 $62,700
2017 $62,400 $62,400
The above information will be updated as new parcels are selected.