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Appealing Your Property Assessment

All property owners have the right to appeal their property assessment if they disagree with the property assessment, ownership or classification of their property.

Review Your Notice 

Review your assessment notice and your property details online or by phone to determine if your property information is correct.

Talk to Us

If you disagree with the information on your notice, contact us to discuss your concerns. We will be pleased to:

  • Review your property file.
  • Explain how the assessment was determined. 
  • Explain eligibility requirements for the Capped Assessment Program (CAP).
  • Answer your questions.

If you decide to appeal you are required to complete the following two steps:

Complete the Appeal Form

If you wish to appeal your property assessment, complete and sign the appeal form located on your assessment notice.

Send the form to PVSC

Once you have completed and signed the appeal form, return it by regular mail, fax, email or by placing it in a secure drop box at one of our office locations.

By law, we must receive your appeal by the date specified on your assessment notice.