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Mission, Vision and Virtues


We provide essential, world-class property assessment services that enable our clients to make sound decisions.

Long Term Vision (Beyond 2020)

To be a leading provider of property assessment services, delivering trusted information and expertise that helps strengthen local governments and communities worldwide.


Working with you - we understand it's a privilege - That means we have an unwavering commitment of service to our clients. We listen to and act on their needs and we take nothing for granted. We are not entitled to our clients' trust; we earn it.

There is only one chance - Every impression counts at PVSC. We are proven experts in the field of mass appraisal, and we're confident in the quality of our product, our people, and our methods. We are focused on results and getting the job done right the first time. We are the best at what we do.

We all move our business forward - We are talented and we are doing the work we love.  PVSC supports us and we support each other by engaging, challenging and inspiring. We never stop learning and we are passionate about improving ourselves, and our product, every day.

Proud to do our part - We are aware that we're all part of something bigger. And with gratitude, we look for opportunities to give back to the neighbourhoods and communities we live in and those we don't. Because the world is full of neighbours we just haven't met yet.

The power of one - Leadership is not a position; it is about one life influencing another. At PVSC, we believe in discovering the finest in ourselves and sharing it with others, using our influence to inspire, regardless of the title we hold in the company. We enjoy working with great people, who happen to share a passion for this business.