Current Opportunities

Current PVSC Board of Director Vacancies: 

The PVSC Board Recruitment & Appointment committee is currently recruiting for 3 independent directors and 1 municipal councilor to serve on the PVSC Board. 


Current Opportunity

We are an award winning, independent organization that serves Nova Scotians by providing property assessment services and information to Nova Scotia’s 50 municipalities.

Local governments use the property values we provide to inform how they distribute property taxes, which fund important local services and build communities.

About Us:

Our pursuit of business excellence is in our DNA. We believe it’s a privilege to work with our clients and make every impression count – from start to finish.

Our commitment to always move our business forward makes us a leader within the assessment industry. By exploring and utilizing emerging technologies and capturing new market opportunities, we aim to generate revenue that maximizes the financial contributions of our municipal stakeholders.

To achieve our organizational goals, a strong, coherent plan has been prepared with focused strategic objectives that guide our annual business planning and promote the virtues that form our corporate culture.

Our Virtues:

  • Working with you – we understand it’s a privilege
  • There is only one chance
  • We all move our business forward
  • The power of one
  • Proud to do our part 

We look to our Board to work with us to accomplish the following:

  • Establish a long-term strategic plan

  • Create multi-year operational and capital budgets

  • Ensure external financial audits are completed

  • Ensures the Board and the organization adhere to governance best practice

As a potential member of our board, you will have:

  • Experience in one or more of the following areas: IT strategy, security & information management; marketing & pubic relations; the successful creation and marketing of a business enterprise; and/or currently sits on a municipal council.
  • Experience as a member of a board of directors for a public or private sector organization or as a senior executive answerable to stakeholders in the public or private sector

  • Experience in modern corporate governance principles and best practices in a culture of accountability and transparency

  • A designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) will be consider an asset

Skills and Abilities:

  • Able to develop effective working relationships with other board members and our business partners and stakeholders to advance the organizational strategy

  • Able to anticipate emerging issues and apply strategic thinking to assess scenarios, develop options, and focus on priorities with the long-term vision in view

  • Ask appropriate questions to management to ensure the translation of the strategy to action;

  • Stay on point with clearly set priorities and timely decision making

  • Able to drive results with perseverance and an appropriate sense of urgency.

The Board meets at least four times per year, and meetings typically last about three hours. Board members are also required to sit on one or two Board Committees which meet four to five times per year. Board development activities happen at least once a year for a workshop or “retreat” day regarding topical strategic matters.


Board terms are for four years and may be renewed for a second term.  Directors are paid a stipend of $150 per meeting plus expenses as allowable.


Board members are expected to be prepared for all meetings, having read written reports and documents that are circulated in advance. Appointees must uphold the highest standards of probity and are expected to demonstrate behaviours that afford respect, equality and dignity to everyone they interact with. All appointees are subject to the PVSC Code of Conduct and when applicable, the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.


We will contact the references of successful candidates to confirm that they have the following personal attributes:

  • Sound judgement

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and elevated emotional intelligence

  • High ethical standards and integrity

How to Apply

If you would like to be considered for a position on the PVSC Board of Directors, please submit a letter of interest of no more than two pages and your resume to by November 16, 2018.  For more information about PVSC, find it here at .  Applications will be reviewed in November 2018, and interviews for mid-December 2018.